Elder Abuse – also known as nursing home abuse or neglect.

Although most elderly patients in nursing homes receive excellent care and attention, there are instances of abuse and neglect.  One of the most common mistakes made in nursing homes is the failure to prevent bedsores.  Failure to turn patients who are unable to turn themselves can cause bedsores to develop which can become very painful and infected.  These bedsores, known as decubitous ulcers, can eventually lead to amputation or even death.  Health care providers who work in nursing homes receive a great deal of training in the proper methods for preventing bed sores as well as training in the proper care and treatment of bed sores.   There is no reason for your loved one to suffer the agonizing pain and possible extreme consequences of these horrible sores.

Actual Case:

An elderly man was moved by his family to a new nursing home facility.  Within a few days, he developed a bedsore on his heel.  Due to the absence of proper care and attention, the bedsore became infected.  The nursing home facility did not inform the family about the bedsore and the attending nurses were unable to stop the infection from spreading.  By the time the family became aware of the horrible bedsore and infection, it was too late.  The elderly man’s leg had to be amputated above the knee.       

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