Medical Malpractice

The law does not require doctors, nurses and other health care providers to be perfect in everything that they do.  However, our society does expect health care providers to perform their duties and obligations in a high quality, professional manner.  If a doctor or nurse is not careful and if mistakes are made which lead to injury or death, the doctor or nurse may be responsible for the injury or death.  Most of us are very happy with our doctors and surgeons and are very thankful for the excellent work that they do.  However, when mistakes are made due to medical negligence the health care provider who makes the mistake should be liable for resulting injuries.

Actual Case:

A woman in her 30’s reported to the emergency room because of severe abdominal pain.  Even though a number of tests were conducted, the test results were misread and consequently, the attending health care providers failed to diagnose a very serious health problem.  The unfortunate woman died before her doctors were able to identify her problem and provide life saving care.  

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