Bar and Restaurant Owners Liability – also known as dram shop liability.

Establishments that sell alcoholic beverages to customers are not allowed to continue serving alcohol to someone who is obviously intoxicated.  If this happens, and if the intoxicated person injures someone else, the bar owner may be liable for the injuries caused by the intoxicated person.  

Premises Liability

Store and restaurant owners are required to provide a safe environment for their customers. When a dangerous condition is created by the store owner or by employees, or when customers create dangerous conditions which the store owner knows about but fails to correct, the owner of the premises could be responsible for injuries to customers. For example, if a customer accidentally drops a bottle of apple juice on the tile floor of a grocery store, causing the bottle to break open and spill apple juice in the walkway, a dangerous condition is created by the slippery liquid on the floor. If the customer tells a store employee about the spilled apple juice and if the store employee fails to take immediate steps to guard against the dangerous condition, unsuspecting customers may walk in the area of the spilled apple juice, step on the liquid and fall to the floor. The store owner may be responsible for injuries suffered by the customer.

Actual Case:

After having dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, an elderly customer walked toward the exit door.  As she tried to leave, the door did not open with ordinary pushing due to its age and other defects.  When the elderly customer applied an extra amount of pressure in order to open the door, the door suddenly popped open, causing her to fall to the concrete floor.  She suffered a fractured hip.  This is the type of accident that should never happen to an unsuspecting customer.

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